New Zealand is one of the most unique and interesting countries in the world and is ranked amongst the leading travel destinations. Despite (and perhaps because of) its remoteness and isolation, it is a land that touches the hearts of everyone who comes here.

Where is New Zealand?

New Zealand is located in the south west Pacific ocean. It is 900 miles (1500 kilometers) east of Australia and 600 miles (1000 kilometers) south of such Pacific nations as Fiji, Tonga and New Caledonia.

New Zealand Geography

The total land area of New Zealand is 103,483 square miles (268,021 square kilometers), about the same size as the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan or the state of Colorado. It is made up of two main islands, the North Island and the South Island (reflecting their relative positions) and a number of smaller ones. The two main islands have quite distinctively different geographical features and give New Zealand its wonderfully diverse scenery and landscapes.


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