What you need:

  • 125g Tin Chestnuts drained
  • 250ml Milk
  • 600ml Pouring Cream
  • 1 Large pinch of Salt
  • 1 Vanilla Bean
  • 6 Eggs Yolks
  • 125ml NZ GOLDHEALTH Manuka Honey

The Process:

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Drain the nuts, dry and grind to a coarse sandy paste, using a food processor or a pestle & mortar. Now spread evenly over a shallow baking tray. Toast in a hot oven for 5-10minutes, stirring occasionally, until deep golden brown.

Pour the milk, cream and salt into a small saucepan, then scrape in the seeds from the vanilla pod. Add toasted chestnuts and bring to a boil over moderate heat. Reduce to a simmer and cook for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Have ready a fine-mesh strainer and a large bowl with a layer of ice-cubes in it to cool the custard mixture quickly. Meanwhile, whisk the egg yolks with NZ GOLDHEALTH Manuka Honey, then pour into the hot milk mixture. Whisk briefly then return to a low heat and stir constantly with a wooden spoon. The custard must coat the back of your spoon. VERY IMPORTANT – Do not let your custard boil and scramble. Strain the custard back into the bowl, and sit over the ice to chill. when it is cold, you can either churn in an ice-cream machine, or place it in the freezer to set.


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