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NZ Gold Health is a member of the UMF association and all of our Manuka is independently tested to international standards for purity and gaurantees genuine, rated Manuka honey true to label.

As well as Manuka we offer a wide range of quality New Zealand honey like Multi-Floral and our famous clover.

100% Pure New Zealand Manuka Honeys

NZ Gold Health® - Quality products including 100% Natural NZ Manuka Honeys, Skincare, Lozenges and natural Honey products

Most Technologically Advanced Factory

Locating Extraction facilities in both North and South Islands means that once our honey frames are full and removed from the hive they can be processed soon after harvest.

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  • The team are very professional and friendly making it easy to work with them and find the right service you need.

    John Doe - NZGoldHealth customer

  • Very helpful and very knowledgeable, together with always being accessible.

    Liz Smith - NZGoldHealth customer

  • Because they are so good to deal with, friendly, efficient and interested in what you are planning to do so as to work out the best arrangements

    Ada María - NZGoldHealth customer

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We are a privately-owned company that operates a fully integrated model - from hive to home.

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